For investors

For a number of years, we have built a new system based on long experience of system development for large and small companies. The aim has been for everyone to be able to build systems without being able to program.

The website is integrated into the information system and can easily be changed. We believe that we have created an embryo for a new generation of tools.

We must always be a Swedish company, but the system works with different languages ??at the same time.

The system works for both large and small companies. The system makes it possible to grow without changing System. The system is being expanded as the needs change.

Our development tool reduces development time to 10% of the time required for traditional systems.

We have developed the system at leisure but now it is time to move on. We now need to grow and strengthen ourselves in Sweden and abroad. We need representatives in other countries and greatly strengthen the organization with the right staff, loyalty.

We will not act as other companies traditionally do. We want to be long-term. Equity should never be used to operate the business. We must always have liquidity. Equity can be used for own premises (real estate) and the like.

Every year, we will have a growth in equity of 10%. Dividends will not be paid in the next five years. We must consolidate ourselves.

We have A and B shares with different voting values. The A shares must be owned by staff who work with us full time. In some cases, these will be subcontractors.

If you are interested in getting involved, we will be happy. If you believe in Crowed funding it is also good.

We will make new issues as we grow and receive demand.

The cost of shares during 2020 is nominal value.

We have no loans.

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