Flexible and simple

"Don't let your IT system get in the way of your business development" has been the key word for Emprice. With System Emprice you avoid answers like "No, it's not possible!" on whether new features or changes you want. System Emprice has been developed to be flexible, simple and complete. The system can easily be adapted and expanded when your needs or conditions change.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of System Emprice. The idea is that you are basically going to be able to build a complete booking system, cash register, accounting system, or whatever you want, and then when new needs have to be established, you can easily update and change the computer system you use. The flexibility is that the system consisting of small building blocks, which can be combined and put together in different ways.

It should be easy to use System Emprice, and it should be easy for you to build and design your applications, but it should also be available to the ordinary user to use the various web applications. Ease of use is double-bottomed, and the threshold should be as low as possible for new people, but more advanced questions should and feel comfortable.

System Emprice is a complete tool, everything you need to be able to build a simple information system is embedded in the tool itself. Within the same tool, you can both build and use the web applications you use.

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