Don't let your IT system get in the way of your business development

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We will build your IT-system for you. We have experience from all parts of a company, from technology to accounting. Your job is to tell us what you want, and our job is to build it. It start with you writing a requirement specification, then we buiold, and you get to try the product for a month and we can make some adjustments. If you want to use the product, we will agree on a rental afterwards. You are constantly getting new versions and support. You get access to what we build for other customers.

System Emprice
Easily build your own information system and website

System Emprice is a tool for information management. You can build any system you want, both simpler and more advanced information management systems. You can easily build new features and make adjustments without any programming knowledge.

Build your own simple applications, or use ready-made modules, or let us at Emprice help you. We want a long relationship and we want to grow together with you.

Easy to build

System Emprice has been designed to be easy for the user. The basic idea has been to create a computer system that has such a low threshold that a new user knows immediately what he / she should do, but also it should not be so flat that the more advanced user feels limited.

Pre-built modules

System Emprice is a complete administrative system for easily entering data and for easily obtaining reports and processing data. Pre-built modules are available for accounting, order-stock invoicing, bowling.


System Emprice has been designed to be flexible. Everything in the computer system, data views, reports, layouts, data processing operations, can be changed, adjusted or expanded. Start from scratch, or use the finished modules that can be modified or mixed.

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