About Emprice

Emprice is the company behind System Emprice and Emprice Web.

The history of Emprice dates back to 1986, when Datakedjan AB opened its doors. Datakedjan AB developed and sold a proprietary business system. The company grew and had customers so large that they had sales of around SEK 300 million per year. The data chain was discontinued in 2010 in connection with retirement.

The founder of the Datakedjan AB had accumulated thoughts and experiences, and when he met one of the current co-owners of Emprice, the work started when experience meets new technology. The result was System Emprice, and later also Emprice Web.

The goal is not only to increase in Sweden, but also in the world. This is done by having an English-language version of the system. We have many international contacts.

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Emprice Marknad AB
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