Work with us

Emprice also needs programmers. You have to be creative, loyal and goal oriented. You will have one or more responsibilities that you will base on. System Emprice is written in .NET.

We look forward to having your own company where you have the best option over your part of the work we create. We see that the collaboration is built long-term, and if you work 100% with us you will be able to buy shares at net worth. We who work with the company should always own a majority through A shares, if you do not want to remain with us you must switch to B shares (net asset value).

Solidarity and loyalty are key words for us. It is your personal qualities that should be central, it is important that personal chemistry is right. We work remotely at a corporate hotel.

I now know that it is time to develop Artificial Intelligence. We can not add anything else to different formulas in the system. You are probably a mathematician and can program and subcontract.

We just hope to hear from you to join the team. If you have customers with you, it is of course and distributed.
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Emprice Marknad AB
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