System Emprice

System Emprice is a platform and a development tool for developing database-driven web applications. The web applications can be general services available on the Internet, or more advanced tasks, such as various internal administrative systems at a company. Examples of solutions may be a booking systems, or more complex tasks such as orders and invoicing.

The basic idea has been that you as a user or administrator should be able to easily build and design a web application that solves a certain task without any prior knowledge. You can start completely from the scratch, first step is to create the database and then you build the user interface.

There are many pre-built components that can be used, such as accounting, order, warehouse management, invoicing, CRM systems and customer management. Maybe you choose a package to start from, but want to make changes, then we always help to adapt the system to your needs.

System Emprice also comes with a CMS system, Emprice Web. With Emprice Web you can easily create a website and view information on the website that comes from System Emprice. You can easily insert a template for how the website should look and easily decide how texts and images should be displayed.
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