Build your own web application

System Emprice is a development environment and a platform for web applications. A web application is a web-based program for solving a task, and it can be big and complicated tasks, like a business system, or something simpler like a booking system. With the built-in development tool, you can build and develop your own web applications according to your own needs.

The first step is to design and build the database. The database consists of registers and terms, much like a spreadsheet with rows, columns and tabs. In the development tool you design how what information you want to save and how it should be structured. For example, if you are going to build a reservation system for the laundry room, you need a register for registered bookings.

The next step is to build the user interface. With the built-in editing tool you can build and design forms and tables. You draw up and place different fields and texts where you want them. You can manipulate and change how things look.

How should you get people to use your web application? Will you send out e-mail with username and password, or should you be able to register via a website? Here you can create operations and commands to manipulate or process information and data.

With the built-in website creation tool, you can show the information on a website. The content of the website can fetched from the registers you created, and the website is multi lingual.
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